About SEQUEmatic

Hi, my name's Derek and I'm the developer of SEQUEmatic.

SEQUEmatic started in April 2019 when Stringify announced they would be discontinuing their service. I had been using Stringify for over a year to automate various flows around my home. For me it filled a gap that other larger services could not.

It was simple to use, had the ability to remember information from one flow to the next through the use of variables and could consider multiple conditions and perform multiple actions in a single flow. Hearing it would be discontinued was quite distressing, because the flows I had set up simply would not work with the existing range of apps available.

And so, 2 months before the service would end, I set out to create a simple PHP script for my own personal use. The logic was hard coded in a single file, and a small database held the values of my variables. I hooked it up with the IFTTT webhook applet to link in with my smart devices and I was up and running!

Several days later I started reading various blog posts and articles where people were discussing the different ways they would move forward without Stringify, and it was at that point I realised that my simple script could be the answer for some of these people. And so, I rewrote the code and made it dynamic so that sequences could be created without the need for writing code. People without any programming knowledge could then take advantage of this service and continue running their existing flows.

Since then SEQUEmatic has grown to include more conditions and steps, as well as direct integration with smart devices such as Philips Hue, Tuya Smart Life, eWeLink and Sonoff. Combined with the logic and 'memory' that Stringify previously provided, SEQUEmatic allows you to create smarter, more comprehensive automated flows in your home.

Hopefully it fits nicely in your own home automation set up, but if it's lacking in any way please get in touch and let me know what you need. I'd be happy to see what I can do to accommodate your request, because you're probably not the only person with that need!

If you have any questions getting set up, either post a question in the Q&A forum which I monitor regularly, or just send me an email and I'll reply as soon as I can.

Thanks for your interest in SEQUEmatic!

The SEQUEmatic bot is still new and learning. If you don't get the answer you need, just ask to speak with Derek and your chat will be transferred.