Update to display of If…Else…End if

Based on your feedback, I’ve recently updated the way conditions are presented in the UI. Gone are the days of trying to work out which IF that ELSE belonged to!

Condition blocks are now shaded and colour coded so you can easily identify where each condition ends. In the example below you can see the ppl_at_home > 0 condition is shaded in light purple. It’s quite easy to see that the last end of condition belongs with this condition.

The IF statement relating to ppl_at_home = 0 is a darker shade of purple so it’s clear the darker purple else and end of condition belong with it.

For those of you who are building more complex sequences, hopefully this makes it easier to follow through the logic.

As always, if you have any other feedback or suggestions for improvements just leave a comment here, post in the Q&A forum or contact me here.


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