Google Assistant

Google have discontinued Actions on Google and from June 2023 this feature will no longer be available.

You can trigger sequences using the Google Assistant on your phone or smart home device.

Just say Ok Google, talk to SEQUEmatic to get started.

Set up

Before you're able to trigger sequences you need to link your account. The assistant will step you through how to do this the first time you speak to SEQUEmatic.

Triggering sequences

Once your account is linked you can trigger a sequence by saying Ok Google, ask SEQUEmatic to run the garden lights sequence, where garden lights is the name of one of your sequences.

Alternatively, you can ask Google to Talk to SEQUEmatic, then once you have started the conversation you can ask to run any of your sequences.

Unlinking your account

If you wish to unlink your account from the Google Assistant, navigate to the Google Assistant Directory and click Unlink.

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The SEQUEmatic bot is still new and learning. If you don't get the answer you need, just ask to speak with Derek and your chat will be transferred.