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Finally I was able to set a timer on my Sonoff 4ch and make a channel work for a certain number of sec than off, so filling the gap Stringify timer function would left, when the service will be shut off. You have to follow precisely Docs section here on the website, anyway i have some suggestions:

Use short English webhooks titles in IFTT or it won't work

Don't use the seconds space in sequematic pause settings cause it won't work but fill the number of seconds under h:m:s space before
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Hi Federico, thanks for your feedback. When you say 'use short English webhook titles' did you run into an issue with a particular event name?  If you can share that with me it would be useful so I can improve the service.

The idea of the second field in the pause step is so that you can use the value of one of your variables.  For example if you had a variable named delay, you could put {delay} in that field and it would use the value of your variable for the pause. Perhaps the UI could be improved so it's less confusing - I'll look into that.
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