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Hi. Is there presently a way to either add two numeric variables, e.g.:

z = [x] + [y]

or concatenate two string variables, e.g.:

z = [x] || [y]

I'm basically trying to take the contents of two existing variables and combine them into a third one.

Thanks in advance.



BTW: You've done a great job setting up this platform as a much-needed replacement for Stringify. Appreciate the effort you have put in, including the May update, which was really a big improvement.
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Hi Bill, I'm glad you're finding the service useful.

Although a little awkward, the best way to add two variables at the moment would be to use two change variable steps as follows:

  1. Change z =x
  2. Change z +y
Initially z will be set to x, then y will be added to it giving the value you're after.
In terms of concatenating two strings there is currently no way to do this, however I have added it to my todo list. I have a number of updates planned in June and will include this in those updates.
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Thank you very much Derek for the quick response. That makes perfect sense and works for me. String concatenation was only something I was considering if the math could not be done. Concatenation is not a requirement.
Hi Bill, no worries. Concatenation might be useful for others so I'll keep it on my list but might move it down a bit in terms of priority.

Let me know if you need anything else.
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