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The last two days I appear to have an issue where a webhook is triggering my porch light to switch on in the middle of the night:

What’s confusing me is, there is no sign of this happening in my logs:

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There's a separate log in the backend which records every interaction out to IFTTT. Below are the recent log times for that particular webhook.  The times are in UTC, so you will need to adjust for your timezone.

Given the way this adjusts every day I believe the trigger here would be sunset.

There's no record of a call out to IFTTT near midnight your time.  Are you sure this end point hasn't been used somewhere else as well and could be triggered by some other service?

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I'm almost certain this end-point hasn't been used elsewhere, so unless it was a random anomaly. I've just checked last nights activity on IFTTT and nothing has triggered, but will keep an eye on it.
Ok, let me know if you see any further logs that don't align.  I've checked the code and there is only one place where IFTTT webhooks are triggered and that also includes logging.
It seems to have triggered again, so I’ve deleted the sequence from IFTTT. One thing I did notice was that my webhook key has changed? so I’ve now reflected this change in my settings here. Let’s see if that has an impact.
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