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I like this very much!!!! found while mourning the death of stringify... been happy ever since...

One little issue thouigh: after firing a sequence with google assitant, she asks if she can help with anything else. When i don't answer she keeps asking me untill i say nothing (just like in real lifecheeky)

Can this be skipped?

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This has now been updated. You can turn on/off the follow up from the Google Assistant settings page.

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and again you have my gratitude

works as entended, thx for follow-up
You're welcome :-)

Unfortunately on July 29th Google are making a change to the Google Assistant which will require you to relink your SEQUEmatic account. To maintain the link, all you need to do is speak with the SEQUEmatic Google Action before July 29th.  If you don't speak with the action before then, the next time you do speak with the action you will need to go through the initial set up and account linking process again.

so in assistant i asked "speak to SEQUEmatic" and then i ran a sequence... am i in the clear now?
Yep,that's all it takes :-)
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Hi, thanks for the feedback and I'm glad you're finding the Sequematic action for Google useful!

After the follow up, if you respond with "no thanks, good bye" it should end the conversation. However, I'll take a look this week to add a setting in your user profile where you could switch off follow up so it simply triggers the sequence then ends the conversation.
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that would be great! thx for the follow up!
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