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I think it could be a good point if we can check if a trigger is fired between certain hours like the actual predefined afterdark o dayligh (for example, if a temperature is reached only do something if time is between 10am and 6pm).

Thanks in advance
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Hi Santiago, I believe what you're after is the time condition. This allows you to check if it's between certain hours before proceeding.

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Hi Derek, yes, that was it. I have made a test and working fine. Description saying "Random" made me think It's was for the system to run at a random time :-)

BTW, when I select "every day" it makes me select a day as mandatory... perhaps a bug there?

Thanks a lot!
Where did you see the description saying 'random'?  It looks like I might need to update some incorrect text somewhere.

Can you share a screenshot of the 'every day' error?  I'm not seeing the same thing here when I test and suspect there is some cached code causing the problem.
Hi Derek, now when I select "every day" it marks all days... It didn't happen before so now works fine.

Great. I made quite a few changes over the weekend so I think there must have been some code out of sync at some point. Glad it's working for you now.
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