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i create custom webhooks trough join (joaoapps) to control my phone and pc. The url's i get are very long. When i paste them in the 'call a custom webhook' url field, the url is cut of and subsequently not working

any way around that?
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Without revealing one of your URLs, how long can they be?
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i'm afraid the one i tried is 267 chars.... they can be even longer but i can keep them at that lenght with few compromises...

i'm crossing my fingers and hope that there's a solution for it, otherwise i'm back to square one
I can modify it so the URLs can be longer. I'll take a look at that later this week along with the Google Assistant update.
thx alot! you're really helpful
This has been updated now to allow up to 400 characters. Hopefully that's long enough! :)
thx! 400 will do :-)

it's working. i'm good to go now!
Good to hear!
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