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I want to order with sonoff temperature switch, an air conditioner with a broadlink because the air conditioner starts with the infrared remote control. Someone can help me, at a certain temperature to start. Unfortunately I don't know what works with IFTTT or maybe with SEQUEmatic? Thank you for your attention.

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I think you can control your broadkink device from IFTTT which means you could trigger it from Sequematic using the IFTTT webhook step.

However currently it's not possible to trigger a Sequematic sequence by a change in status of a Tuya device. This is something I'm exploring and hope to have an answer by the end of this week as to whether or not it will be possible. I'll post back here when I have an update.

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the air conditioner donĀ“t have onw termostat?

if do you want to use sonoff temperature, do you will have to cut compressor power with it.
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