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Hi Derek,

I may be missing something obvious. In the Custom WebHook Action, is there a provision for referencing child properties in JSON results, the way you can in the Custom Webhook Trigger?

For example, if the JSON has a parent property called "address", which has some child attributes such as "street address", "city", and "postalcode". I want to be able to reference something like {address-postalcode} to to grab the postal code. When I try the flattened syntax thats available in the trigger, I get a syntax error because of the dash. When I just reference "{postalcode}" I get "array" as a value.

Thanks. Bill
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Hi Bill, this wasn't available but based on your feedback I've now updated the custom webhook call so that there is an option to use the JSON structure to name the parameters. By checking the 'use JSON structure' checkbox, it will pull the names from the JSON.

I see you're using a weather webhook call. For that particular webhook, if you're after the weather conditions the parameter name is {weather-0-description}.  The 0 in the parameter name is due to the way the JSON data is structured.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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Thanks for the very prompt response. Really appreciate you adding this so quickly. Exceeded my expectations. I tested it and works well.


No worries Bill!
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