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Hey all,

So I have a series of sequences that are controlling my AC at home. Two of them are monitoring a geofence perimeter and whether I am connected to my home wifi. Because I micromanage my phone data and I usually have it off, IFTTT can't fire the webhook when I leave the network or area.

I was hoping that it would just queue the triggers and fire them whenever it had a connection, but it doesn't seem to work that way. Is there a way to use SMS to communicate with webhooks? Or any other alternatives?

As a last resort, I'm thinking of setting up something where my phone would turn data on when I am within 400 m of my apartment and am not connected to my wifi. This would give it enough range to trigger and communicate out and then shut off when I'm further out of range. Again, this is a last resort, and having my data on unnecessarily is not an ideal solution.

Any thoughts?
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Hi Chris, your idea about sending an SMS is a good one. Currently this isn't a feature on Sequematic but I have an idea on how to implement it. It would require you to send an SMS to an Australian phone number. Would that be an option for you?

If not, do you have a spare phone at home? You could have your regular device send a text to the other device. Then, that device could trigger an IFTTT applet which would call a webhook (over your home wifi).
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Thanks for getting back to me, Derek. I would be ok with texting an Australian number. I am a bit concerned about adding an unknown phone number into the mix of controlling my home devices. Could you help me with some details on what we're setting up?

Hi Chris, I've given this some more thought and have another idea which might work.

What if you have an IFTTT applet which triggers a sequence (via webhook) when you leave the home area. Then that sequence would:

  1. Call a webhook to turn on mobile data
  2. Call a webhook to trigger IFTTT to turn off your AC
  3. Call another webhook to trigger IFTTT to turn off your mobile data

Would that work?

Seems like IFTTT doesn't actually allow mobile data access because of security issues? I found something recommending Tasker as an alternative, but it seems to be running into the same block.

I've been experimenting with Automate and Tasker this week and wonder if they might solve your problem.

You could set up a flow as follows:

  • When you leave home
  • Check / wait until the phone is on the internet (this could be when you turn on mobile data, or it next connects to wifi)
  • Then call the webhook to trigger the AC off

I believe they both have the ability to pause a flow until a certain condition is met (in this case your phone is on the internet).  If that works, then it would be the scenario you first described in your question, where you expected IFTTT to queue the request until it was online.

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