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Is possible use a tuya´s sensor status as trigger or condidions for any action.


if door sensor open, do...

If temperatura higth than XX, do...

i dont see this options, just status of switchs as trigger or condition for actons

Thank you from Brazil!
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Hello, good question! Currently you can only trigger devices from Sequematic, but I'm looking at options available to have changed in device statuses trigger sequences.

I'm hoping to be able to confirm if this is possible by the end if this week and will post back here once I have more information.
Is there any update on this? I too am eagerly awaiting this feature.

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Hi Derek,

Thank you for your replay.

On Tuya app is possible make this kind of rule, but limited for tuya devices.

I´m looking for a way to transpose actions or commands to another devices, by SQUEmatic or  IFTTT

Thank you again
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