Tuya door/window Sensor should regulate temperature in the bathroom All questions

I made the following Sequence:

Badezimmer_Fenster offen

  • Every 1 minutes
  • If the Tuya device Fenster Bad is on, then...
    • Call a custom webhook - https://api.fbsmarthome.site/w...
  • Else
  • End of condition

My goal is to reduce the temperature in the bathroom with the window open. The Webhook is Ok but the temperature will not be reduced. I think the Status of the sensor could not be determined.

Any suggestions?

Asked by Torsten on September 29, 2020, at 7:09am

Hello. It looks like SEQUEmatic was misinterpretting the values coming back from Tuya. I've made some changes and I think this is fixed now. Can you please enable your sequence and try again?

It works! Thank you very much!

Good to hear! Interesting use case you have here as well - nice work!

Unfortunately my problem is back!

Can you please try again? I needed to make some additional changes on top of the fix I added the other day. I'm hoping this is now resolved.

Now it works!

That's great. Sorry about the mix up and I'm glad it's working now.

My sequences stop working sometimes. They are all turned on, but they are not running and not shown in the sequence log. 

Hi Torsten. I've had a look at it looks like all your time based sequences are running as expected. Can you tell me which sequences you're having problems with?

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