tuya device status not working? All questions

i would like to use this to check the device status instead of having to do it all trough variables but it does not seem to work, my light is on but it returns as false and doesnt work.

check device status was triggered on Thu 1 Oct at 21:44:19.

The time was 9:44pm on October 1, 2020 (1 minutes since it last ran)
The device licht switch_led was false not true (condition failed)
The licht switch_led was set to 1
Asked by vinny on October 1 at 6:18pm

Hi, I believe there was a bug in the way SEQUEmatic was handling the response from Tuya.  I've made a change which should address this. Can you please try again?

hey thank you it is working now, i have one more question, is it possible to adjust the time zone?

because when i check the sequence log i keep getting confused because it is 2 hours behind my own time zone

if not its not a huge problem but i just thought id ask.

Glad to hear.

Yes you can. Head to the settings page and change your time offset. It will give you a preview there as well of the current server time so you can adjust it. It sounds like your offset should be +2.

hey, im sorry to bother you again but i can't seem to save the offset or set my location, when i set an offset and hit enter or save at the bottom, it adjusts the preview but when i go back to dashboard and then back into settings its set to 0,0 again. and the map for location is completely greyed out so i cannot see if its right or not, and it keeps saying no location is set,

even when i give permission to acces my location. do you know what is causing this and how i can fix it?

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