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Is there a way to set brightness on a Smart device (Tuya) from a parameter instead of a fixed value set by the slider?

Asked by Eric on October 25, 2020, at 7:05pm

Hi Eric. At the moment no, but this is something I can add. I've made a note for a future enhancement.

Any updates on this?

Hi Nathan, sorry no update yet.  I haven't had time to implement this, unfortunately it's been a busy few months for me personally so I haven't been able to add new features for a little while. I do have a list of features to add which I plan to start working through over the coming weeks and I'll post back here once this has been implemented.

Any updates on this? It would be really useful for color temperature as well!

I would also really like this feature!

I tried to implement this with control_data but my tuya device doesn't seem to support this.

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