are energy monitoring plugs supported on sequematic? All questions

is it possible to check the current power consumption of a energy monitoring plug, with the tuya smart life device status step? hope someone can answer this for me, before i order them.

Asked by vinny on December 19, 2020, at 6:27pm

I have seen this property in the backend so I believe the data is available from Tuya, but I don't have a device of my own to check this.

Hopefully someone else is able to share their experience.

I'm trying to do this too - but so far doesnt look possible 

Hi Taylor, I've added a test sequence to your account called device current test .  It would be great if you can turn on your device and try running this sequence then checking the detailed sequence log. I'll send you a separate email with further instructions.

Hi Derek, Can I get a copy of the sequence?

Hi Itchy, I've added a copy to your account. You may want to change the device.   It's a little limited at the moment because you can only check a set value for the current.  I'm looking at expanding this so you can test for something like greater/less than or between two values.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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