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Hello, i have connected SEQUEmatic with my Tuya/Smart Life, there i have smart outlet and smart bulb. I am setting up a Zabbix monitoring of these devices and i would like to get the state of the device (on/off) by a webhook. Is this possible?

I have found only way to accomplish this, by using two "steps". I have set up sequence, which triggers every X minutes and check for the device state (in this example outlet). If the outlet is on, then it sets "outlet-state" variable to 1, alse to 0. Then iam reading the variable value by webhook from Zabbix.

Have i missed out something, or is this only option right now?

Asked by Petr on September 16 at 10:55pm

Hi Petr, I think what you've done is the best way to achieve that. Nice work!

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