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i created a routine that asks SEQUEmatic to initiate a specific sequence but assistant responds that the sequence doesn't exist
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Hello, it looks like your account hasn't been linked to your Google Assistant profile yet. To get started, just say "Ok Google, talk to Sequematic" (without asking it to run a sequence).

It should step you through the process of setting up your account, then you'll be able to trigger your sequences.

There's some more information about how to link your account in the documentation.

Let me know if you need any further help.

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it is linked and it has worked before...

i still get into the sequematic part, but my sequence isn't recognised. This is the response i get:

EDIT: i deleted assistant link and recreated, relinked it... works now

That's great. Actually, at the end of July Google made a change with the way the Google Assistant stores your user profile. This broke the existing links which had already been set up. If you had started a conversation by saying "Ok Google, talk to Sequematic" it would have stepped you through the linking process again, but a direct command such as "Ask Sequematic to run the leaving sequence" probably skipped that.

I'm glad you have it working now.
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