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Hi Derek my sequence didn't run and I don't know why. "Turn on lights at Sunrise". It's not recorded in the sequence log. Any idea why?

Also how do you define "it's after dark", is that the period between sunrise and sunset?
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Hi Harry, after dark is referring to the time between sunset and sunrise. 

The "Sunrise Switch Lights On" sequence has a time trigger at 5:20am then checks if it's after dark.  I think it would be best to remove the 'after dark' step, and replace the time trigger with a sunrise trigger.  The time of the trigger would adjust automatically each day based on when sunrise is expected.

It would use the latitude and longitude co-ordinates in your user settings to determine when sunrise is, so you should make sure these co-ordinates are correct.

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I think I've found a work around. Basically, I only want the lights to come on at specific time if its dark outside. Basically, I've created a variable/flag to tell me if its dark.
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