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Hi team,

Can you provide an update on the Google Assistant trigger ? Any ideas when this will be operational again?

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Hi Elmar,

There wasn't a lot of usage on this before Google made their changes so it has been quite low on my priority list. However I can pick it up again if you're interested in using it.

As a workaround, you can probably achieve this with IFTTT. Create a new applet with Google Assistant as the IF THIS component. You can set a command to trigger the applet. Then, in the THEN THAT component use the webhook service to trigger a Sequematic sequence.

In the meantime I can resume work on the Google Assistant service but it will be a few weeks before it's available to use.
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No worries... I'll just use IFTTT. You don't need to focus on that. I have some other better ideas that I'll share soon....
workaround works perfectly for me so no haste needed there to fix assistant service... at least for my case... thx
That's great to hear. Still, good to know there's interest. I'd much rather you could talk directly to Sequematic so I'll leave this on my to-do list.
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