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Dear Derek,

I made sequence which may be running for 8 hrs or so issuing different command at different  timing in same 8 hrs. Understand sequence will be active for 8 hrs without any command to interrupt and start again if required.

Some time I need to cancel the sequence and restart fresh. Is there any command for interrupt  same and start from beginning.


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This feature has now been added. You can view a list of running sequences from your sequence log page. You can then click the stop button to stop the sequence at that point.

Let me know if you have any questions about this.

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Hi Mathews, currently there isn't. Would you want to be able to stop the sequence manually or have the ability to stop it from within another sequence?
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Want to have the ability to stop it with another sequence or from within another sequence such that double time running can be stopped whenever required. Since the the sequence runs for 8 hours and cannot wait till the time to restart it.

Ok, that makes sense. I've added this to my todo list.  I should be able to provide something that lets you manually terminate the sequence within the next week or so, but will need a bit longer to create a step within another sequence to automatically stop it.

I'll post back here once it's ready.
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