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Hi all, I'm new here after looking to migrate from Apilio. 

I've created several sequences and looking to run a sequence that updates a variable to people_home_night

The sequences I've setup work, i.e people_home, is night, but I want to combine these so I can update a people_home_night, to trigger lights.

I've tried the below, but it's not updating, where have I gone wrong?


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Hello. This is looking pretty good. The only issue I can see is in the conditions you don't need to include the = sign.

For example, it should read If is_night is equal to true. You'll need to update this in each of the 3 conditions.

Let me know how it goes after making these changes.

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That's great. Gives a little more clarification.

I have now set up some geofence triggers on my wife & I's phones to toggle the people_home sequence, and a sequence to say if its night or not.

I did notice when both my wife & left the house today, it updated our presence at home to false, triggering the people_home boolean to false (which worked correctly), it was still night so is_night remained true, however, the people_home_night boolean still remained true?

I'm wanting to use the people_home_night variable to feed into webhooks to trigger lights, am I going a really long way around?

I think you should try swapping the people_home_night variable with the after dark condition.

Then you would run something like:

You could also do something similar for people_home = true and set up another sequence with the trigger people_home = true.
will this reevaluate if say people_home: True, in the daytime, then when the the condition changes to after dark?
I've figured it out, rather than having people_home true/false, I've made it count up. So if it increases it will trigger.

This is handy if one person is already home, and I want the porch light to come on for the 2nd person.

I took your advice and ripped out is_night, and built in the after dark/during daylight check instead.
Great, glad you have this sorted! Let me know if you have any other questions.
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