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I'm trying to use IFTT to trigger and am getting the following error : 

Unable to make web request: Error: ETIMEDOUT

Any ideas?

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i am having the exact same issue with all my ifttt applets where the action (then that) calls a sequematic url.  i get the error 'Unable to make web request: Error: ETIMEDOUT Error'.  As a consequence the ifttt event has a status of 'Applet skipped' and the desired success notification is not sent since ifttt regards the applet as not having fired.  despite the error everything is working ok on the sequematic side, but not having a push notification sent from ifttt is a major pain.
thanks for taking notice and looking into this for a fix.  ifttt applet notification have been working now for some time.

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Hi David,

This error does appear but the request is successful. Can you please check your Sequematic sequence log and see f the sequence was triggered?

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Thanks - yes, looks like it is running. Hadn't looked in the Sequence Log.
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