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Hi there.

I’ve used both Stringify and Apilio in the past - but as the first was stopped and latter starts to charge, I’m looking into Sequematic to rebuild my automations.

At the end of a sequence, i like to call an IFTTT webhook to send a notification that displays a text string coming from the sequence that is running. Just wondering how to ? (There is of course a workaround creating different webhooks for each message - but that’s not very elegant.)
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Hi Hans, welcome to SEQUEmatic! Hopefully you find it to be a suitable replacement for Stringify and Apilio.

Unfortunately the current IFTTT webhook step doesn't allow you to pass parameters to IFTTT, although this is in the works for an update in the next month.

However, you can achieve what you're after by using the custom webhook call and building out the IFTTT URL yourself.

In Sequematic

Add a custom webhook call step in your sequence, with the URL:

https://maker.ifttt.com/trigger/{event}/with/key/{my key}?value1={value1}

You should then replace:

  • {event} with the IFTTT event name
  • {my_key} with your IFTTT key
  • {value1} with the text you want IFTTT to display in the notification


Create an IFTTT applet set up with:

  • a webhook trigger:
    • Event name should match the value you set in {event} above
  • a notification action
    • When building the notification message, use 'Insert ingredients' and select Value1 to output the text you passed in {value1} above

Let me know if you have any questions setting this up.

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Ok. Thanks a lot Derek.
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