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I have sequences that successfully run and finish but still show up as running in the sequence log.
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No, there's no special command. Once they reach the end they should stop automatically. You may have found a bug so I will need to investigate this more closely.

Can you reply back with the name of one of the sequences you're seeing this problem for?
Sure. One is called Backyard Light Control. It gets a start from ifttt when an arlo camera gets a detection. Its purpose is to turn on a light if it is dark and the sequence is not presently running. The light stays on for 5 minutes and then shuts off. There is a test to see if the sequence is already running. If it is then it ends. I was trying to avoid kicking off multiple sequences.
I don't mean to hijack the OPs post, but I came here with this exact same issue.  I have sequences that were completed but they still as "Running" in the sequence log.  I ended up forcing stop on one of them, the other that is completed but still shows as running in the log is called "Rachio"

A little more info in the sequences that are having issues there are to conditional tests - one embedded in the other. First test is to see if it's dark. If it fails this test then the sequence ends correctly. The next test is to see if the sequence is already running. I put this in so as not to kick off multiple instances of sequences. If a sequence is already running it also successfully stops. When it passes this test and executes the turn on/off of the light (which is successful btw) I notice that in the sequence log there is no indication of "end of condition" (whereas in the successful runs there is).

Example of sequence that stops correctly:

Sequence log details

Backyard Light Control was triggered on Tue 7 Jan at 16:32:36.

The following steps ran:

Example of when it continues to run (note no "end of condition" statement):

Sequence log details

Backyard Light Control was triggered on Wed 8 Jan at 0:23:54.

The following steps ran:

  • Triggered by IFTTT BackyardDetection event
    URL: http://sequematic.com/trigger-ifttt-webhook/ABCDEFGH/11368/BackyardDetection
  • If it's after dark (based on user settings), then...
  • If BackyardSequence is not_equal 1, then...
  • Set BackyardSequence to 1
  • Call the IFTTT event BackyardLightOn
  • Pause for 5 minutes
  • Call the IFTTT event BackyardLightOff
  • Set BackyardSequence to 0
  • Else
  • Else

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Thank you both for this extra information. I'll take a look at this on more detail and provide an update on the weekend.
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Is there any answer as to why some sequences continue to show as running. Every several days I log on and shutdown a whole bunch of ones that show running in the Sequence Log (even though they have all successfully their steps). Thanks.
I haven't been able to get to the bottom of this get, but did increase logging in the backend so I could trace the issue. If you have some sequences which are currently showing as running even though their steps have all completed, can you please leave them in that status and I'll take a look at those particular examples to see what went wrong.
Thank you for your patience. I've identified the bug here and it has been addressed. You should now only see sequences which are actually still running.

Note that this bug would not have impacted the way those sequences were running. They ran to completion and stopped, but there was a bug in the way the sequence log page was identifying 'running' sequences and it was presenting some sequences which had actually completed.

Let me know if you continue to face issues with this.
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