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I have webhooks set up in IFTTT which transfer the current external temperature to a sequematic variable (Temperature) which is then used as a condition for a sequence to activate my heating.  The webhooks are activated when weather conditions change so the sequematic variable is kept reasonably up to date.

Is it possible to pass the sequematic variable value into a sequematic-originated email so I can check the temperature without having to log-in and read the value on the sequematic website?  Enclosing the name of the variable in square brackets just displays the variable name, not its value.

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Hi Antony, enclosing the variable in square brackets would be the right approach except that it's currently not set up to output variable values in emails.

This is something I can add. Give me about a week and I'll post back here once it's complete.
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Hi Derek, Many thanks.
Hi Antony, I'm pleased to let you know this feature is now available. You can pass the value of a variable or a parameter from an IFTTT webhook trigger into the email subject and body.

To output the value of a variable, enclose the name in square brackets. To output the value of a parameter, enclose the name in curly brackets.

Let me know if you have any questions or need help with this feature.
Thanks very much for this Derek.  It will make troubleshooting and monitoring my heating a lot easier in future.
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