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I would like to turn alight on when motion is detected by one of my Blink cameras - using IFTTT? - then turn it off after 10 minutes.
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Hi Peter, yes you can definitely achieve this with SEQUEmatic.  You'll need a couple of IFTTT applets to achieve this, and a single SEQUEmatic sequence.

Someone has actually asked a similar question here

Have a look through the answer there and see how you go, but if you get stuck or have questions along the way post back here and I can help.

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Thanks Derek, I have created a sequence and now have to see if it works. Is there any way of testing a sequence so I do not have to stay up past midnight to do alive test?
Hi Peter, is the motion detector dependent on time? You should be able to test this at any time.

If there's a time condition in your sequence you could adjust it to an earlier time for testing.
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