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Observe that IFTTT weather forcast some times includes a "/" in the forcast text, like "AM Sunny/PM Showers" as this will be interpreted as 2 variables in the SEQ.webhook interface.

It wise to place the forcast as the last variable send from IFTTT.

do this "http://sequematic.com/trigger-ifttt-webhook/key1/key2/ Sunrise/{{HighTempCelsius}}/{{LowTempCelsius}}/{{Condition}}"

and not this "http://sequematic.com/trigger-ifttt-webhook/key1/key2/Sunrise/{{Condition}}/{{HighTempCelsius}}/{{LowTempCelsius}}"

Have fun :)
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Great observation Henrik and thanks for sharing.

Is this working for you using that format for the webhook URL?
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copy of URL from IFTTT:

http://sequematic.com/trigger-ifttt-webhook/HEXKEY/NUMER/Sunrise/ {{HighTempCelsius}}/ {{LowTempCelsius}}/{{Condition}}

The IFTTT Metod is set to GET (and not PUT as you would expect) 

Snap if IFTTT setup:

Snap of SEQUE setup

Observet the xtra P4wCondition which will contation the part of the IFTTT condition after / 

Have Fun

That's a good way to get around it, glad it's working for you. Thanks for sharing this - hopefully it will be helpful to someone else trying to achieve something similar.
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