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My steps are between If and End of condition. Still it over rides or doesn't check the condition and executes further steps. Even Simple check of If Dark not gets bypassed.

  • Triggered when Cam rises above 0
  • If it's after dark (based on user settings), then...
    • If Sensor is above 0, then...
      • Send an email with subject Cam test
      • Pause for 0 hours 5 minutes 0 seconds
      • If Cam is above 0, then...
        • If Sensor is above 0, then...
          • Pause for 0 hours 2 minutes 0 seconds
          • End of condition
        • End of condition
      • End of condition
    • End of condition

 This is now for testing the sequence. It works in day time also!. Pls support.

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Hello, I'm aware of a bug with conditions and am currently working on a fix. It should be resolved in the next 3 hours.
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Multiple Trigger

1. Trigger a sequence from other two or three sequence with OR gate.

2. Trigger a sequence from IFTTT webhooks with OR gate, as either of few triggers from IFTTT can trigger the sequence.

3. Either of two or three variables changes can trigger the same sequence.


Ex. Extend the light on time if Motion sensed multiple times with a time gap. Exit the loop after few cycles with counter.


Mathews P.

Hi Mathews.

I think you can achieve the first point with the existing functionality. There is a step which allows one sequence to call another. This means one sequence can be triggered by any number of sequences.

Similarly with IFTTT you can use the URL provided by the IFTTT trigger step in any number of IFTTT applets so you're not restricted to just one IFTTT applet triggering your sequence.

Currently multiple variables is not an option but something I can look into.

Similarly for loops. Let me think about how that could be implemented and I might come back to you for some more examples.
Thanks Derek! First two condition I have made already. Trigger with multiple variables also will be highly useful.
If I can call the same sequence from any steps within the sequence, with an if condition , it will help. I can put a counter to exit such that it will not go to infinite loops in case of any error. Or should be able to call any steps above in sequence.

While you can't have 2 variables as a trigger at the moment, a workaround could be to build something like this:

Sequence 1:

  • When var_1 = 2
  • Do something
  • And something else
  • And something else...
Sequence 2:
  • When var_2 = 5
  • Call Sequence 1
Sequence 3:
  • When var_3 = 1
  • Call Sequence 1
In this way, the value of var_1, var_2 or var_3 could be used to trigger the steps in Sequence 1.  Not particularly tidy, but it should achieve the outcome you want.
Very Good Derek!. With these all additional features Sequematic becomes more powerful.


Mathews P.
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