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Hi all! 

Just started using sequematic and I'm really liking the intuitiveness of the process so far. I have one issue that maybe there is a way to resolve? 

I am creating a sequence that turns a mister on for 1 minute then off for 4 and repeats every hour (or in the screenshot example by press of a button for testing)

To do this I have created the base sequence for one cycle of misting and then I have nested that into a master sequence that repeats the nested sequence (this is to save time having to repeat the same steps and avoid creating one very long sequence). However I have noticed that when I run the master sequence it doesn't wait for each sequence action to complete before running the next, it just seems to run them consecutively all at the same time? 

Is there a way to add an action or setting that waits for a sequence to finish before running the next one? For the moment I have had to add a pause between each repetition of the nested sequence.

I realise this might not make sense so I have attached screenshots to help explain. 

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Hi Joe, welcome and I'm glad you're finding the process intuitive so far.

Currently that is the way the sequences are built.  As you've mentioned, the best way around this would be to include a pause between each of the 'call sequence' steps.

I could look at adding this as a new feature. I would imagine this being an option when adding a 'call sequence' step that you can select whether the initial sequence continues to run or waits for the other sequence to finish first.
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Hi Derek,

Thank you very much for the speedy response! Ok great thanks for clarifying that, I wasn't sure if I was missing something.

Adding an option in the 'call sequence' to queue/wait would be amazingly helpful for creating longer/more complicated sequences. Just saves having to repeatedly add the pause between sequences and will make it tidier and more concise :)
No worries Joe. Glad it's working for now, but I'll also take a look at adding this as an enhancement.
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