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Tuya are discontinuing support in IFTTT for their Smart Life devices. This takes effect on May 26.

Is there any chance that SEQUEmatic could support Smart Life natively? This would enable millions of devices in the field to keep functioning with automation.

Apilio are doing this: https://community.apilio.com/t/we-are-working-on-enabling-smart-life-tuya-through-apilio/775

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Hi, thanks for asking this. I've done a quick search to see what info is available on the API for this but will need to do some further digging before I can commit to anything. Give me a day or two to read through the documentation then I'll post back here with an answer.

Hi, just wondering if there's an update on this?

Their API docs are here: https://docs.tuya.com/en/iot/open-api/api-list/api/api?id=K989ru6gtvspg

Hey, yes I'm happy to give this a go. I don't have a Tuya device of my own so I've ordered one on eBay but if you're happy to help me with testing then I can make a start this weekend.

What device(s) do you have and what are the use cases you're aiming to achieve?

Thanks, and I'm happy to help as much as I can.

I've got two smart plugs with integrated energy meters (Kogan KASPEMHA), a door/window open sensor (Mirabella Genio) and an IR transmitter (Blitzwolf BW-RC1). The brands don't matter – they all work in Tuya's Smart Life app and can be accessed in IFTTT.

I'm guessing that the smart plugs would be the simplest to start with. The IR transmitter would be the most valuable for me. I use that to control my TV by voice through Google Assistant (via IFTTT).

I'm also willing to help with testing.  Admittedly my setup is pretty minimal, but sometimes for testing that's helpful.  I have a gosund switch and plug.
Wonderful, thanks. I have authentication set up, and now working on pulling through a device list. Hoping to have that up in the next couple of days then I'll come back to the three of you to test it out.

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I’ve around 20 different Tuya/smartlife devices that I use so please shout up if you need any help with any testing. I have a couple of spares too so happy to set them up separately for testing purposes.
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That's great, thank you. I'm working through authentication at the moment to give Sequematic access to Tuya accounts in order to interact with the devices. I'll let you both know when there's something to test.
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I've just discovered a workaround to making Tuya devices work in IFTTT. It might be easier to just go with this rather than developing direct functionality.

It's explained in this video at the 4:12 mark. The solution is to use the Brilliant Smart channel in IFTTT instead of Tuya's Smart Life channel. If you connect that channel to your Smart Life account, you can access the same Tuya scenes. I found it trivial to port my existing IFTTT automations across.

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