Direct support for Smart Life given IFTTT discontinuation? All questions

Tuya are discontinuing support in IFTTT for their Smart Life devices. This takes effect on May 26.

Is there any chance that SEQUEmatic could support Smart Life natively? This would enable millions of devices in the field to keep functioning with automation.

Apilio are doing this:

Asked by kranix on May 10, 2020, at 11:54am (edited on July 27, 2020, at 11:14pm)

Hi, thanks for asking this. I've done a quick search to see what info is available on the API for this but will need to do some further digging before I can commit to anything. Give me a day or two to read through the documentation then I'll post back here with an answer.

Hi, just wondering if there's an update on this?

Their API docs are here:

Hey, yes I'm happy to give this a go. I don't have a Tuya device of my own so I've ordered one on eBay but if you're happy to help me with testing then I can make a start this weekend.

What device(s) do you have and what are the use cases you're aiming to achieve?

Thanks, and I'm happy to help as much as I can.

I've got two smart plugs with integrated energy meters (Kogan KASPEMHA), a door/window open sensor (Mirabella Genio) and an IR transmitter (Blitzwolf BW-RC1). The brands don't matter – they all work in Tuya's Smart Life app and can be accessed in IFTTT.

I'm guessing that the smart plugs would be the simplest to start with. The IR transmitter would be the most valuable for me. I use that to control my TV by voice through Google Assistant (via IFTTT).

I've around 20 different Tuya/smartlife devices that I use so please shout up if you need any help with any testing. I have a couple of spares too so happy to set them up separately for testing purposes.

That's great, thank you. I'm working through authentication at the moment to give Sequematic access to Tuya accounts in order to interact with the devices. I'll let you both know when there's something to test.

I'm also willing to help with testing. Admittedly my setup is pretty minimal, but sometimes for testing that's helpful. I have a gosund switch and plug.

Wonderful, thanks. I have authentication set up, and now working on pulling through a device list. Hoping to have that up in the next couple of days then I'll come back to the three of you to test it out.

I've just discovered a workaround to making Tuya devices work in IFTTT. It might be easier to just go with this rather than developing direct functionality.

It's explained in this video at the 4:12 mark. The solution is to use the Brilliant Smart channel in IFTTT instead of Tuya's Smart Life channel. If you connect that channel to your Smart Life account, you can access the same Tuya scenes. I found it trivial to port my existing IFTTT automations across.

This works to a point, but it's commons with a caveat. I also use my devices with Alexa, and the brilliant smart skill isn't available in the UK, meaning by porting over over to brilliant smart I can no longer voice trigger my devices

I reached out to the developer and they advised they won't ever support the uk with the skill as they don't sell the hardware there so not worth the time or effort.

On this basis direct interaction would be most appreciated if possible to do so.

Hi Derek, hopefully you've had some success with this?

Yes, making some progress with a lot of emails back and forth with their support team. I'm finding their documentation is quite limited, and having trouble signing requests to the API. I've sent off another email this morning so they can hopefully guide me through the next steps today.

Ok, while you can't use these in your sequences yet and it's not a particulary pretty page, I do have authorisation set up and I believe it is retrieving a list of devices.

I have granted access to the test page for your accounts. You should login and then head to to try it out.

Once you've aurthorised your Tuya account, the page should return a list of your devices. If you can send me a screenshot or copy/paste of the devices, that would be helpful. Don't post the info here - I'll send you each a separate email and you can respond that way.

Thanks for your help testing this out!

The authorisation worked and I've sent my list. I hope it helps!

Thanks for doing all this. It's great to hear that you're making progress as it's super helpful to have this as an option.

The /tuya/ url is a blank page for me, at the moment.

Edit: No worries! I thought you wanted me to test as well. If you have what you need, that's even better.

Hi Tom, it's a very rough test page at the moment which I'd only made available to people who were testing.

I've actually made a lot of progress today and we have successfully made requests from Sequematic to Tuya to turn devices on and off. Tomorrow I will be creating a new step type so this can be built into sequences. I'll post back here once it's ready so you can try it out.

All good for the moment, but thank you!

I think if you can connect your Alexa to IFTTT, you should be able to make that talk with Brilliant Smart. I don't see anything in the IFTTT stuff that is geo-limited. That's what I do, although using Google Assistant instead of Alexa. It looks like this:

  1. Make a Tuya account
  2. Set up your devices in the Tuya app
  3. Create scenes using those devices
  4. Connect Alexa to IFTTT
  5. Connect your Tuya account to the Brilliant Smart IFTTT service
  6. Make IFTTT apps with IF:Alexa and THAT:Brilliant (you'll need to point it at a Scene)

The Brilliant Smart IFTTT service should not have any idea of where you live.

If you want to control further with SEQUEmatic, use Webhooks as per the docs.

I'm excited to let you all know the integration with Tuya is live! Thank you Dan and Sridhar for your help testing.

Everyone should now be able to see a 'linked services' button in their settings page. This is where you connect your Tuya account with SEQUEmatic.

There is also a new external service step type which allows you to trigger your devices. At the moment it is limited to sockets and can turn them on and off but I have plans to add scenes and other device types. Your feedback is welcome, in particular if there are any features you'd like to see added.

This is incredible. Thanks Derek!

It's the Alexa side of things that has specific skills based on geographic location. However this is no longer an issue thanks to Derek's hard work!

Thank you for this! The link services page is not working for me, however. I follow the steps and it just returns me to the linked services page, and then says my Smart Life Tuya account is not linked when I try to add that step.

Thanks again for your help, I use mostly Smart Life devices, and just discovered your service right before IFTTT stopped working with them. I look forward to being a user & contributor when I can link the service!

Hi Pam, welcome to SEQUEmatic! Sorry the Tuya account linking isn't working for you. I've added additional logging, so can you please try again and let me know once you've made an attempt?

Hi Derek,

I'm testing with my smart life account but only can see the scenes, not the devices.Is there anything I must do for it? Thanks!

Hi Santiago, what type of devices do you have? At the moment it only works with sockets but if you let me know what your devices are I can prioritise those as the next type of device to support.

In the meantime you could create a scene to control those devices and then trigger the scene from within your sequence.

Thanks Derek,

I use switches, courtain switches and light bulbs.


Thanks, Derek!

I tried again and am still not able to link Smart Life or Tuya accounts. FYI, I tried Chrome, Firefox and my phone browser, and also cleared cookies and cache when trying again, with no luck.

So, I tried a few things at this point, without much success.

I have two gosund electrical (mini) plugs and one switch on a smartlife account.

The settings to link accounts only seem to link to tuya, so I created a tuya account and moved one of my smart plugs over to it for testing.

I then tried to link my tuya account and it goes through the authentication process, seems to succeed, but there's no notice of it succeeding on the sequematic side. Also, when I go to a sequence, it says I have no linked accounts.

If there's any information you need, don't hesitate to ask, and thanks for all of your effort.

Thanks Santiago. Switches should be pretty straightforward, and I'll look into the other devices. I'll need a few days to work through these.

Hi Pam and Tom. From the error I can see in the logs, it looks like you're both experiencing the same issue. I'll send you both emails separately so we can work through this further.

Thanks Derek. Any help you need on testing or whatever just let me know.

Definitely! I'll let you know when there's something to test.

I notice Tom mentioned he had an issue with only logging in with Tuya, as a note I was able to successfully login with smart life, but have previously used Tuya before they introduced widgets for IOS for the smartlife app.

For anyone who was previously experiencing issues linking their account, this is now resolved.

Also, it seems that not all switch and socket devices follow the same standard, so if you set up a sequence and your device doesn't trigger, please try the Tuya Smart Life (advanced) step type for that device instead. This will present a lot more options (in theory you should be able to control any property of your device) and I'm now working on merging the two step types together to simplify the process.

Thanks all for your feedback and patience!

Hi Santiago, I've now expanded the Tuya service to display all the devices on your account. This should mean you can now try controlling devices such as your curtains from SEQUEmatic. I'd be interested to hear your feedback once you've given it a try.

Hi Derek, I have tried adding an action but it is not saved when I choose the courtain switch. It's working with other devices.

I'm using the "Test_tuya" sequence to do it.


Hi Santiago, can you confirm the name of the device which isn't saving? I have tried with Persiana salón grande and it let me save this step.

Hi Derek. It's working now!


Excellent! I made a few changes over the weekend so maybe it was still catching up. Are you able to successfully control your blinds from Sequematic?

I have just tested and it works great. :-)

That's awesome! :D

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