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Tuya are discontinuing support in IFTTT for their Smart Life devices. This takes effect on May 26.

Is there any chance that SEQUEmatic could support Smart Life natively? This would enable millions of devices in the field to keep functioning with automation.

Apilio are doing this: https://community.apilio.com/t/we-are-working-on-enabling-smart-life-tuya-through-apilio/775

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Hi Santiago, can you confirm the name of the device which isn't saving?  I have tried with Persiana salón grande and it let me save this step.
Hi Derek. It's working now!

Excellent! I made a few changes over the weekend so maybe it was still catching up. Are you able to successfully control your blinds from Sequematic?
I have just tested and it works great. :-)
That's awesome! :D

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I’ve around 20 different Tuya/smartlife devices that I use so please shout up if you need any help with any testing. I have a couple of spares too so happy to set them up separately for testing purposes.
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That's great, thank you. I'm working through authentication at the moment to give Sequematic access to Tuya accounts in order to interact with the devices. I'll let you both know when there's something to test.
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I've just discovered a workaround to making Tuya devices work in IFTTT. It might be easier to just go with this rather than developing direct functionality.

It's explained in this video at the 4:12 mark. The solution is to use the Brilliant Smart channel in IFTTT instead of Tuya's Smart Life channel. If you connect that channel to your Smart Life account, you can access the same Tuya scenes. I found it trivial to port my existing IFTTT automations across.

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This works to a point, but it’s commons with a caveat. I also use my devices with Alexa, and the brilliant smart skill isn't available in the UK, meaning by porting over over to brilliant smart I can no longer voice trigger my devices

I reached out to the developer and they advised they won’t ever support the uk with the skill as they don’t sell the hardware there so not worth the time or effort.

On this basis direct interaction would be most appreciated if possible to do so.

I think if you can connect your Alexa to IFTTT, you should be able to make that talk with Brilliant Smart. I don't see anything in the IFTTT stuff that is geo-limited. That's what I do, although using Google Assistant instead of Alexa. It looks like this:

  1. Make a Tuya account
  2. Set up your devices in the Tuya app
  3. Create scenes using those devices
  4. Connect Alexa to IFTTT
  5. Connect your Tuya account to the Brilliant Smart IFTTT service
  6. Make IFTTT apps with IF:Alexa and THAT:Brilliant (you'll need to point it at a Scene)

The Brilliant Smart IFTTT service should not have any idea of where you live.

If you want to control further with SEQUEmatic, use Webhooks as per the docs.

It’s the Alexa side of things that has specific skills based on geographic location. However this is no longer an issue thanks to Derek’s hard work!
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