This condition checks certain weather conditions at a specified location.

Weather data is taken from Open Weather Map at the time the sequence runs. How accurate and current the data is will depend on the location.



There are many different conditions which can be checked. These are described below.

Temperature and temperature (feels like)

This is the current temperature in either °C or °F. Temperature (feels like) accounts for the human perception of weather (for example chill factor from the wind).

Weather condition

This is a short description of the weather. The following conditions are possible:

  • clear
  • cloudy (more data available with the cloud cover condition)
  • raining (more data available with the rainfall condition)
  • drizzling (more data available with the rainfall condition)
  • snowing (more data available with the snowfall condition)
  • thunderstorm (more data available with the rainfall condition)
  • foggy
  • misty
  • dusty
  • hazy (more data available with the visibility condition)
  • sandy
  • smokey
  • squalls
  • tornado
  • volcanic ash

Wind and wind gusts

This is a measure of the current wind or wind gusts.

You can check for a particular wind speed in metres per second, kilometres per hour or miles per hour.

Wind direction can also be tested.

To test only for speed, select any direction for direction.

To test only for wind direction, select any speed for wind speed.

Rainfall and snowfall

A measure of the amount of rain or snow in the past 1 or 3 hours.

Rainfall and snowfall are measured in millimeters.

Air pressure

The current air pressure measured in hectopascals (hPa).

Cloud cover

The percentage of cloud cover.


The percentage humidity.


Maximum distance visible, measured in metres.


A number of comparisons can be performed:

  • is - the weather conditions match the specified condition
  • is not - the weather conditions do not match the specified condition
  • is above - the weather condition must be above the specified condition
  • is below - the weather condition must be below the specified condition


You can either specify a location here in the step, or it will use the location defined in your user settings.

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