User settings

User settings are important settings required to make sure your sequences work properly.

Access your user settings by clicking the cog icon in the top right corner of SEQUEmatic.


Your IFTTT key is required if you wish to use the IFTTT webhook call step.

IFTTT uses this key to confirm you are authorised to trigger an IFTTT webhook applet.

You can retrieve your key from this page. When copying your key, do not include the component.

Time offset

Depending on your timezone, you may need to adjust the time offset on your profile so the time related triggers and steps work correctly.

Review the current time displayed under the offset field, and if it does not match your current time, set your time offset to be the number of hours required to adjust to your time. This could be a positive or negative number.

Any changes made here will automatically be applied to any time triggers you have already set up.


Your location is required for some steps such as sunset and sunrise.

Your location is set using its latitude and longitude co-ordinates. You may use this site to determine the co-ordinates.

Note that if you have set your location in your user settings and it is being used by a trigger or step, you cannot clear your location settings until a custom location has been provided in the trigger or step.

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