May 2020 updates

I’m pleased to let you know of a number of enhancements which were made to SEQUEmatic this month. These include:

  • Improved performance on the sequences page, reducing the page load time from several seconds to under one second
  • New features on the sequence log page allowing you to view all sequence log entries, as well as filter and sort
  • Updates to the toggle variable webhook to also recognise yes/no and on/off
  • Enhancements to the custom webhook trigger allowing you to access variables at any level of the JSON structure
  • Improved UI on the edit sequence page, collapsing the action buttons under a mini menu

More to come!

And there are further enhancements planned throughout the month of June including additional log details for custom webhook triggers and a number of UI enhancements to make it even easier to create and edit your sequences.

As always, if you have any feedback please comment below, post in the Q&A forum or contact me here.

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