Why are my Sunrise seq listede double in the Sequence log All questions

Why are my Sunrise Sequence logged twice in sequence-log every morning.?

The forcast sequence never have double log'ings

I have never got double emalis from IFTTT on WU-forcast nor WU-Sunrise.

What are the condition for when a Sequnces is logged in the Sequnce log. ?

Is it because the RL2ON / RL2OFF executes while the Sunrise sequnces is active?

Asked by Henrik@DK on June 5, 2020, at 2:06pm

Hi Henrik, you've actually stumbled across a bug in the sequence log which I fixed only a few hours ago.

When one sequence triggers another (as your sunrise sequence does) the original sequence is logged multiple times. As it works through your sequence, this is what was happening in the logging:

  • Sunrise
  • Rl2ON
  • Sunrise
If you drill down into the steps run in both the sunrise sequences by clicking the magnifying glass, you'll find no steps are logged even though steps ran.
This is now resolved, so future instances should only log once and will also capture the steps which ran.
I can confirm that although it appeared twice in the log, it wasn't actually being run multiple times.

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