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Here's the log for my sequence to turn off light at 01:00 ~ 02:00. Instead of turning off the light in this period, it seems to turn off the light during 11:00 ~ 12:00. I've set global offset to be -7 and the current time shows correct local time for me. 

Sequence log details

TurnOffDiningRoomLight was triggered on Fri 19 Jul at 11:29:01.

The following steps ran:

  • random_time - a:7:{i:0;s:1:"1";i:1;s:1:"2";i:2;s:1:"3";i:3;s:1:"4";i:4;s:1:"5";i:5;s:1:"6";i:6;s:1:"7";}, 01, 00
  • Call the IFTTT event TurnOffDiningRoomLight

Asked by IrishBAM on July 19, 2019, at 9:57pm

Hello, yes it looks like there was an issue with the code for the random time trigger and it was adjusting for your timezone in the wrong direction (ie +7 instead of -7).

This should be resolved now, but I notice you've disabled this sequence. You'll need to enable it again for it to work.

Let me know if you encounter any other issues.

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