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I have a Teckin floor lamp. I set it up with Brilliant Smart app, so that I can keep the IFTTT integration. Brilliant Smart is just a white labeled Smart Life app. Check it out if you want to retain IFTTT integration.

With Sequematic, I can only get the light to turn on, not change brightness or color temp (white color temp).

Any advice?

Here is the sequence I setup. I also tried just one variable, but that didn't work either. Only works with switching light on/off

Asked by Greg on June 29, 2020, at 12:07am

Hi Greg, Tuya integration here is relatively new so bare with me as we work through this.

The value you have set for bright_value would be the maximum brightness. Have you tried running this with different numbers there? Similarly, you should be able to use temp_value to adjust the temperature - here I believe 0 would be warmest and 255 would be coolest however this may take some trial and error.

Yes, I have tried different values and they don't seem to pass along to the light. If I try the IFTTT integration directly, I'm able to change the brightness, but they don't have an option for color temp for this light.

Any info I can share to help further the dev? I converted to Seqematic since Stringify shutdown. Thanks for offering this service! Much appreciated.

Hi Greg, I think I've found the problem here. Can you please try running your sequence one more time to test?


I tried the sequence again today and everything is working now. Thanks for taking the time to look into this!

Tip for other user who may read this post. Add your brightness and color temp settings before the switch on sequence and the light will turn on with the correct settings rather than turn on and then fade to the correct settings.

That's great, thanks for confirming Greg. Also good call out on the brightness and colour temp.

Happy to test new things with the Tuya integration in the future. Let me know if I can help.

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