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Is there a way to include a HTTP header in a custom web call action, when you are expecting JSON to be returned (and parsed with the new "Use JSON structure" option?

Asked by on July 1, 2020, at 10:32pm

Hi Bill, currently no but again something I can look into adding. This won't be quite as quick as flattening the inputs from a JSON body. There are a couple of other things I need to work on before I can implement this but should be able to get to it in the next week or two.

Is there a particular service or webhook you're looking to use this with?


I ask these questions to ensure I am not doing something wrong in my setup, since I do not have a lot of experience making REST web service calls. I have no expectation or urgency from my side. If you believe others will need this, then put in your queue in whatever priority you believe it deserves.

My specific use case is I started trying to directly access the ecobee thermostat API calls because the properities I want to read/write are not exposed in their IFTTT interface. The header is required to pass an access token, which is part of their OAUTH authentication process.



No worries Bill, just wanted to set your expectations so you weren't anxiously waiting

I can make a change to the custom webhooks step so you can pass an access token in the header but looking through the ecobee docs I can probably go one step further and add direct integration similar to the recent Tuya integration. This would allow you to select your devices and various actions directly via dropdowns without having to go through the difficulty of understanding the API and creating your own custom webhook steps.


I am not familiar with the Tuya integration you created, but I think I get where you are going. I wouldn't want to see you go through the trouble of adding tight integration to ecobee if I'm the only one using it.

I'm using the IFTTT integration to ecobee to do most of what I want to do. I think more users would benefit if you implemented any planned IFTTT enhancements instead. For this specific issue, if you add the ability to pass headers to web calls, I think that sort of change could benefit users more broadly.

Lastly, if you're "in under the hood" and you have any ability to capture any debugging info on web calls (without filling up your database with large logs) that will be helpful. Maybe a way to fire off a sequence interactively from the sequence list, that would display (not save) the results to the screen. As if I launched the web call from CURL from a command line. Just a thought for the bottom of your list somewhere.



Hi Bill, no worries. Let me take a look at both the custom headers and ecobee integration (perhaps as something further down the line).

Detailed logs are available for custom webhook triggers, and I should be able expand this simply enough to also capture logs for outgoing webhooks. These logs would probably have an expiry date so available for x number of days before being deleted, but would be enough to help with debugging of your sequences.

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