Hi, what is the correct format to set an color for an LED bulb with the parameter colour_data_v2? All questions

I thouhgt, if i.e. for red I{#FF0000}, I have to fill this value in the field "colour_data_v2'? But this doesn't turn the LED light to red for me.

Edit: okay, I found this at the Chinese site, and set {"h":0,"s":100,"v":100} for red. No more error messages, but purple after a period of white :D

I'll do further tests

Asked by Anonymous on August 17, 2020, at 11:21am

Unfortunately it really is a bit of trial and error with these. When creating your step it should show you below the value field if there are certain allowed values which may give you some hint as to what is required.

Post back here with your findings because it might be helpful for someone with a similar device.

If i want to change the values, I saw, that the field is always emtpy, when I want to modify the string (except of one bracket, as you can see in the following screenshot):

This is not a problem, only cosmetics, because the former given string works.

I figured out, that I have to set light values up to 1000, so the strings for blue and red are: 

blue: {"h":240,"s":1000,"v":1000}

red: {"h":0,"s":1000,"v":1000}

Coming to an end, here are poor technical informations from Tuya: https://qin.tuyacn.com/iot-doc-center/zh/K8uuxfwfimxb6/goat/20190904/7972915dbc5e4bab91a8c2e35974dc00.html

It looks like you found a bug when editing the JSON. This should be fixed now. Thanks for reporting!

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