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I've got a Smart IR device that can interact with my air conditioner, TV, etc. however this isn't listed as a device that can be interacted with? Is there plans to allow use with these devices in the future as I'm trying to automate turning my AC on when temps go about a certain threshold.

Asked by Sam on October 15, 2020, at 12:53am

this kind of device remains on ifttt as smartlife

maybe im missing something, but why are you not doing it trough the smart life app itself?

It's currently broken on IFTTT and the automation in the Smart Life app is also completely broken, pretty much why I started looking for an alternative.

i don't have a smart IR remote myself so i don't really know what i'm talking about, but if it doesn't even work in the smart life app itself i don't think sequematic can make it work. you could try to reset the IR remote and reconnect it to smart life, if that doesn't work maybe contact the manufacturer or tuya support, hope this helps you..

I did contact Tuya about this around a month ago and they sent me some documentation that I need to work through and see what I can achieve.

What sort of device are you wanting to control with the IR blaster, and what sort of commands are you hoping to send (eg power control, TV channel, air conditioner temperature...)?

I wanted to use it to control my air conditioner temps based on a few variables.

hey sam, don't know if you got your ir blaster working trough sequematic by now, but i just received my wifi ir blaster today, and it works fine for me, honestly i don't think we need support for the ir blaster trough sequematic, because there is a really easy workaround, just setup a tap to run in smartlife app that does whatever you want with the ir blaster and then you can run the tap to run (as a scene) trough sequematic just fine ;)

That's a great idea Vinny! Thanks for sharing!

I have a desktop, and I am using a TV for the display and sound using HDMI cable. The TV can be control using the Smart IR Blaster. In my desktop, I installed an android emulator.

I am now able to say 'OK Google' to desktop's microphone to access Google Assistant in the android emulator. But the android emulator will have a bit difficulty to 'hear' my voice, especially when there is other sound coming from the desktop speaker.

I am planning to set an automation using 'Automate' app (which is similar to Tasker app) to send a webhook request to Sequematic to turn down / mute the TV volume whenever I say 'OK Google'. 

Right now I am stuck at creating a sequence which can accept the webhook request and turn my TV's volume down using the Smart IR Blaster.

Any suggestion is appreciated! thanks!

Hi newbie, which part are you stuck with? Have you been able to start the sequence with the webhook trigger?

As you might have gathered from the discussion above, SEQUEmatic currently can't control the IR blaster directly. Instead what other users have done is create a scene in the Tuya app which runs the required IR commands, then they trigger that scene from a SEQUEmatic sequence using the smart device step. 

Let me know what you're up to in your sequence and where you're stuck and I'll try to provide more specific advice.

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