creating an "at home" variable in smart life app - tip! All questions

ok so what i dislike the most about the smart life app at the moment is that i cannot use being at home as a condition in my smarts...only entering or leaving an area, but i have found a solution someone else might find helpfull aswell, assuming you are using some sort of app to call a sequematic webhook to toggle an "at home" variable, and then having IF at home is true... set a light bulb to 100% temp_value - ELSE... set a light bulb to 99% temp_value, you can then use the light being at 99 or 100% as a condition in smart life app! you could also do this with brigthness_value or with on/off, if you use brightness_value or temp_value the bulb does not have to be on for it to work..

hope someone finds this helpfull :)

Asked by vinny on October 16, 2020, at 10:51pm (edited on October 16, 2020, at 10:53pm)

Interesting idea Vinny, using the brightness of your lights as way to 'store' data! Very clever!

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