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Hi Derek, 

I think can be an improvement if we can add a starting time for the "every XX" time trigger, so we can select the exact momento to start counting down. 

For example, if i'm not wrong, If I want something to happen every o'clock hour, right now we have to create the sequence an activate it in the o'clock moment with a "every 60 minutes" trigger. With this idea, you can do it when you want but the trigger will start counting 60 minutes down starting at the  time you set in the starting time.

Hope I made me understand :-)

Thanks in advance!

Asked by Santiago on October 24, 2020, at 11:59am

Hi Santiago, I understand what you're saying here.  Set a start time and a frequency so you can schedule the first occurence and have control of the actual time it will occur. I've made a note of this as an enhancement to make.

Thanks Derek!

Hi Santiago, this feature has now been implemented and you can set a start date and time for your periodical triggers.

Thanks Derek!

I have checked it and it works fine!

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