Do you have a smart phone app? All questions

Accessing these features from an Android or Apple smart phone would be advantageous!

Asked by Mark A Sanders on November 25, 2020, at 9:26pm

I did develop a very basic Android app which you can download here. It's not available in the app store so you'll need to download the APK and install it manually.

For now the features are quite limited as I was using it to explore how the app could be developed. If the app could do more, what sort of features would you like to see?

Hi, I'd like to check out your Android app, but the links aren't working.  I'm getting 'page not found' 404 errors. 



Hi Derek,

I’m an Apple user but if you ever got to considering an app the most useful thing would be the equivalent of ‘Button’ as in IFTTT to change a variable directly rather than by typing it in on the web interface or instead of having to go via IFTTT with a webhook call to Sequematic.  The same for ‘Run this sequence now’.  

As things are currently set up a button or icon to ‘Run this sequence now’ next to a sequence rather than having to select the sequence, open it and then select ‘Run this sequence now’ would be useful.  Maybe a ‘Play’ icon to the left of the sequence title, mirroring the Waste bin and Active/Inactive buttons which are on the right?

best wishes


Apologies, can you try again? I've restored the file.

Hi there, i was trying to download the APP but the links arent working yet

Hi there, i was trying to download the APP but the links arent working yet

Unfortunately the app isn't available at the moment. There are some key bugs I need to iron out before I can publish it again.

I think an app would be really useful. Not so much for programming, or reading values, which can be easily done in a web browser. But widgets...not there in an interesting thing. If you could create a widget that displays a variable value, or better still, a programmable widget that displays a number of different variable values, possibly in a number of different formats (colour ranges, circular value indicators, shapes, etc) then you have a way or creating a phone display the a mixture of dials, indicators, values, and buttons that could be a massively powerful way to control EVERYTHING. There is currently almost no way to do this. Smartthings, Ewelink, and IFTTT all have very simple buttons to activate scenes, but these are almost useless. With SQM widgets to display values and run sequences, Sequementic could be the central hub to control everything.

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