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could you maybe add an option to add step above, instead of just below?

and maybe an option to copy a step and paste it above or below any other step in the sequence, instead of "duplicate step" which always puts it under the orginal step and then we have to move it up/down 1 step at a time which takes quite a bit of time in a longer sequence. would be nice if this could be done ;)

Asked by vinny on December 3, 2020, at 3:35pm

Hi Vinny, thanks for your feedback.  Having an add above option would be possible but does add an additional button to the UI when there are already quite a few action buttons on each of the steps. Instead, couldn't you just use the add below button for the previous step?

Regarding the copy/duplicate step button I can see how selecting where it is inserted would be quite beneficial. I'll add this to my todo list.

hey derek, my reason for asking this was because i am in the process of creating a sequence that triggers when the real-feel temp changess and then check if the real-feel temp is -20 to +50 degrees, and then setting an variable to that temp. its quite a lenghty process so i create a couple steps each time, and i found that i couldn't add a step in the place i wanted, so far ive done -20 to +18 degrees, so i will get there eventually. but i want the next steps (19,20 and so on) to be under the "end condition" and above the 5 seconds pause, however the 'end condition" step has no option to add a step under it, so im now just adding them under the 5 second pause and then moving the pause step down afterwards, or deleting the pause and creating a new one, it's do-able but maybe the "end condition" could have a option to add a step under it aswell? i think that would solve it to instead of having to create the option to add a step above, thanks.

  •  If the temperature feels like it is 18°C, then...
  • Else
  • End of condition
  •  Pause for 5 seconds
  •  Call a custom webhook -

Hi Vinny, got it - makes sense. I've updated this now so you can add a new step after an 'end of condition'.

Awesome Derek, thanks a lot!

i just found out that we can directly pass a variable in a webook, and i was stupid and thought i no longer needed this sequence, so i deleted it, and now there is nothing updating the variable, so it never changes xD

there is no way to get that sequence back is there?

can i somehow write the real-feel outdoor temp to a variable directly? or pass the real-feel temp itself in a webhook? or do i have to create 70 steps that check if it's -20 to +50 and then 70 steps to write that number to a variable again?

Hi Vinny, what's the name of the sequence you want to restore?

Are you using the SEQUEmatic weather step to check the real feel temp? If so it's currently not possible to save that to a variable but something I have on my todo list.

hello Derek, thank you for your reply.

the name of the sequence was "8. outdoor_temp"

does that mean it can be restored? that would be awesome! (i was even contemplating calculating it myself (through an app) somehow from the normal outdoor temperature.)

and yes it did use the sequematic trigger "when the temperature feels like it changes" 

would be great if this could be saved to a variable directly, but i understand your to-do list is probably quite long, im glad that it's on the list though, thank you for everything.

Hi Vinny, yes I've restored the sequence for you.  It's disabled at the moment so go in and review it looks fine before you enable it again.

thank you very much, i will try to finish the sequence (to +50 degrees) as soon as i can, and then i will share it, so others that want to do the same don't have to create the 140 steps. (if they think to look at the shared sequences that is)

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