Possible schema for AHK JSON Payload that include additional spaces? All questions

Hi there!

Just started using the site and I've found it incredibly helpful and started making recurring donations to the project!

I've run into an issue with AutoHotKey where the JSON formatting for HTTP POST is a bit off. Somehow it inserts a space after the colon on its own which (I think) is throwing off the rules I've setup. Is there a way to support this? It's failing conditions as a result. If not I totally understand!

    "senttime": "14:58:55 ET:",
    "taketext": "himom"

Asked by Ryan on January 8, 2021, at 8:04pm

Hi Ryan. Firstly, thanks a lot for your donation, I really appreciate it!

I've had a look at your trigger with the custom webhook. I think you need to change to Schema 2 as that is the one which expects data to come in JSON format.  You can find some more info on that here.

Also, for the condition where you checking what taketext contains, in the variable field you actually need to enclose this in curly brackets, for example {taketext}.  This tells SEQUEmatic you're referencing a sequence parameter (temporary variables which are only accessible while the sequence is running) rather than a variable.

Let me know the results after these changes.

That was it! Thank you Derek - I really appreciate the help.

Awesome! Looking forward to seeing it in action in one of your Twitch streams 😉

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