Can we get Pushbullet support? All questions


I just discovered this awesome platform and I'd like to suggest pushbullet support as an output just like mail.

I'd like to suggest support for esp8266 also but I guess that would be harder. For input it easy: just trigger the webhook from the board. But as output it would be quite interesting...! But I understand if it is not suitable.

Anyway, excellent work, thank you!!

Asked by Rui on January 13, 2021, at 9:17pm

Hi Rui, thanks for your message. An interesting suggestion to include Pushbullet! I have this on my own phone and can see how this might help fill some gaps given there currently is no SEQUEmatic app. Let me look into this further this week and get back to you.

I'm not as familiar with esp8266 so would need to do some reading to see what could be done there. I assume you mean for SEQUEmatic to be able to send commands to the device?


Yes, pushbullet would be quite interesting to provide notifications or even to activate trigers, but please take your time, I'm in no rush!

As for esp8266 it is a programmable micro controller based on arduino. You have to program them to do something with their IO pins. You can have a button on two pins and program it so anytime someone pushes the button it triggers a sequematic action - that's the easy part.

The hard part would be the other way around since the esp8266 would have to be programmed with some framework for example, although it would be useful as you could create a sequematic that could send a command to them, just like any other smartplug.

There are some tiny webservers that esp8266 can run, perhaps that would be feasible with some kind of webhook

But hey, these are just some ideas, nothing you are obligated to! O do understand it is hard and that I am being very generic but perhaps that's the beginning of something useful, with an idea!

Thank you!

I moved from Pushbullet to Join a while ago and haven't looked back. The API and extensibility are fantastic and well suited to automation (it comes from the makers of Tasker). I can highly recommend Join support.

Can you please share the link for Join as i was unable to find it?


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