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do you think it would be possible to add the option to set a device to a "variable_name" state? 

right now, if we want to have the ability to change a light between 1-100% brightness, we would have to create 100 seperate if clauses that check the variable value, and 100 actions to set that device to a specific state. (which is just way to many)

this one example below could replace all of those 200 steps (it can also be used to set the temp_value, and probably for many more things that i havn't thought of yet) so i think this functionality would be extremely usefull for many people!


trigger - variable "variable_name" is modified

action - set the tuya device "device_name" bright_value_v2 to "variable_name" value

Asked by vinny on June 23, 2021, at 3:24pm

Hi Vinny, this is really good feedback and I see how it would be useful.  Let me look at adding this.  Most likely I think I will replace the slider with a text box where you can either enter a number or a variable name.

that would be perfect!

you might have already thought of this, but (if it's possible) it would probably be a good a idea to have a text that states the min and max values under that text box (similar to the text that's shown when setting scene data), since they can be different for each device.

also do you think the same would be possible for the device name?

eg; set device "variable_name1" to bright_value_v2 "variable_name2" value

Good idea on the prompts so that people know the max and min. It will also need validation so that if an invalid number is entered there is an error message.

Ooooh...let me see. Device name will be a bit trickier but could be doable.

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